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Get access to your office's address book from wherever you are

No need to worry about information leaks! All contact information is saved in a secure cloud system

Got problems? We've got solutions!

It is a hassle to have manage all my contact information in excel or on paper. I have to search and then type the number.

I need to look for contacts even when I'm not in the office.

I want to find a more secure way to manage confidential personal information.

Enhance your business communication using KDDI's multifunction online address book!

Still relying on excel or paper files as your address book? Increase your work efficiency by putting your address book information online. With just a click on the contact's phone number or email address, you can make phone calls, send emails, or join phone conferences. You can also keep your business card data in the system.

Get access to address book from your devices, anywhere, anytime

You can access your address book anywhere & anytime as long as you are connected to the Internet. As all information is stored on servers, if you lose your device, the data can be immediately deleted from the server to prevent any of the information leaking.

Keep your employees' information secure in our cloud system

If you manage your addresses on excel or paper, you have to work to be able to share the file either by putting it in file sharing server, sending it as an email attachment, or keeping your papers in the shelf - these come with risks of information leaking. Strengthen your data security by keeping it on our own cloud server, which we managed internally.

What is "KDDI Web Directory"?

A cloud system which enables youto get the contact information for your office's collegue and check their status, anywhere, anytime. This system operates well with email and meeting applications, helping to create smoother communication for your business.

Features, System Requirements

View and search function Users are able to view and search the contents of address book through web browser.
There are 3 types of address book.
- Internal address book (use for company internally)
- Shared address book (accessable by members with view-access)
- Personal address book (for individual use)
Message deliveryThis function allows you to receive message through the system. For example, you can set a call back request message through the system.
Send emails Users can send emails to people registered in the web address book with just a click.
*Users write the email through email application/software installed in the user's PC.
Online meetingUsers are able to do online meetings with people registered in the address book by using Cisco WebEx.
*Users have to be contracted to and are able to use Cisco WebEx.
ChatUsers are able to do use chat function through Jabber for Windows and Microsoft Lync chat software.
*Users have to be contracted to and are able to use Jabber for Windows and Microsoft Lync .
Check presence status Users can check other users' PC status. Status includes online, offline, away, etc.
Business card managementUsers can manage business card information in the system and share it.
System Requirements
Device OS Browser
Smart Phone iOS iPhone iOS 4.0 and above Application
iPad iOS 4.0 and above
Android Smartphone 2.2/2.3/4.0.3/5.0
Tablet 2.2/2.3/4.0.3/5.0
Windows PC Windows XP SP3 and above(Professional 32bit) Internet Explorer(IE)7 and above
Windows Vista SP2 and above(Business, Ultimate 32bit/64bit)
Windows 7(Professional, Ultimate 32bit/64bit)
*IE7 and above are supported regardless of the above Windows requirements
*Windows8 will need some adjustment
Screen Resolution: Above 1024×768 is recommended
Mac PC Not Supported Not Supported


Please inquire us for pricing.

Basic Menu
Service Menu Service Contents Fee
Registration Fee Monthly Fee
(per contract)
Monthly Fee
(per ID)
Standard Option Basic use of web address book including all functions in the "Functions" table below Please inquire us for pricing.
Optional Menu
Service Menu Service Contents Fee
Registration Fee Monthly Fee
(per contract)
Monthly Fee
(per ID)
Realtime Option Basic Menu + PC Presence Information Function
Real-time updates on presence information
Please inquire us for pricing.

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