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Business Support Tool ABBYY FlexiCapture

Intelligently extract digital text data from paper documents, image files, and more

Acquire data in electronic form from hand-written or printed materials, 
improving its usefulness for your business.
Make automated processing of your documents and images a reality.

ABBYY FlexiCapture is an intelligent platform able to recognize text with a high level of accuracy and extract from it just the information that you need. With support for multiple languages and AI machine learning capability, FlexiCapture is capable of supporting you in cutting costs and improving the speed and efficiency of your business.

Handles any kind of document. Define the recognition rules and let FlexiCapture extract the data you need.

Supports processing of content from all kinds of data sources, including mobile devices, email, fax messages, paper documents, scanners, FTP sites, and multi-function printers. AI enables automation of document categorization and data extraction, while administrators can edit the AI’s learning results, allowing you to maintain complete control. Flexible rules allow FlexiCapture to extract needed data from headers, itemized rows, and other document parts.

Smoothly interoperates with RPA automation. Achieve smarter efficiency.

Data processed with FlexiCapture can be used in conjunction with RPA, ERP, CRM systems, and other external applications. Through combining FlexiCapture with business efficiency-improving RPA, automation can extend from the reading in of paper documents through to data entry of the results to your business systems. Connectors are available for using ABBYY FlexiCapture with RPA products such as UiPath and enable returning the results of document classification and data extraction to the RPA product for use within.

Usage example: Automation of invoice data entry (ABBYY FlexiCapture and RPA)

FlexiCapture is used to analyze and automatically categorize and recognize (OCR) invoices of varying formats, automatically extracting data needed for entry such as the business partner’s name, the invoice number, and the billing date. All a human operator does is confirm the OCR results, then RPA software automatically inputs them into the company database.

Flexible workflow customization

FlexiCapture can be flexibly adjusted to meet your needs. Adjust how it scans and classifies documents and recognizes and extracts data, use it with third-party OCR/ICR engines, and expand the verification or export locations to create the OCR workflow that meets your needs.


Two types of installation are available: Standalone for handling all steps of small-scale OCR projects, from data extraction to export, on a single machine, and Distributed for assigning roles across different PCs in order to effectively process large-scale OCR projects.

Advanced rights management

Assign different usage rights to different users, such as those within your company and those at an external contractor, to better protect sensitive information.


Process large amounts of documents quickly. Over 10,000 pages per month can be processed.

Web console

Manage your project anytime, anywhere through the Internet-based management and monitoring console.

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