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Relocation Opening of Office & Factory ICT solution

We act as your IT department, providing solutions via infrastructure implementation and IT.

We provide one-stop solutions that suit the circumstances of Malaysia.

We can solve problems such as the following:

Our company does not have an IT department or any IT experts.

As a result of leaving our IT environment to a local vendor, we lost track of how it works.

We are looking for a vendor who is both familiar with the local situation and can communicate with the Japanese headquarters.

Staff who are familiar with the local IT situation
will propose optimal solutions according to customers' requests
and the issues they face. Japanese staff communicate
with customers' head offices in Japan to facilitate their projects.

IT Complete Solutions

All solutions for an IT environment in your office or factory.


We offer various network services such as a resilient MPLS network or an International Private Leased Circuit which promises reliable connection.

Data centers

Complete outsourced data center management of your digital assets.


Solutions for your global offices' security issues as well as strengthening of your security governance systems.


Enhance & Streamline Processes with RPA.


We provide one-stop solutions to global IoT utilization issues and support customers' digital transformations.


Take swift action to meet the demands of the changing business environment with KDDI cloud solutions.

Leave it to KDDI Malaysia

to meet customer needs

Working with partners such as consulting firms and engineers who understand customer's business needs, we support customers every step of the way, from defining requirements to achieving customer's objectives.

One-stop provision

We give one-stop provision and implementation support for system integration, networking, IoT services and more.

Extensive experience serving
Multi national companies

Through many years of working with a large customer base of Japanese corporations operating in Malaysia, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to guide you to the optimal services for your needs.

At KDDI Malaysia, we can provide a complete package for office relocation and renovation!

Searching for properties


Office design & construction

Smart Offices

ICT solution

If you are interested in this service, please feel free to contact us at KDDI Malaysia.

What is the best solution for your problem?
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