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Relocation Opening of Office & Factory Smart Offices

Use IT technology to provide employees with office environment improvements that allow them to work healthily and efficiently

By creating a comfortable office environment, you can increase employee motivation and productivity.

Solve problems such as these

I want to be able to see the usage status of conference rooms

I want to prepare an environment that has virus prevention measures

I want help in managing workers at the office and telecommuters

What is a Smart Offices?

Before Covid, we expected that just as mobile phones have become smarter and have evolved into smartphones, offices would also become smarter with IoT technology.
We believe that in post-Covid offices, smart offices will be increasingly necessary to integrate office design and IoT to provide a comfortable office space for employees and raise productivity, company profits and work efficiency.

We propose a more comfortable working environment by combining offices with IT

Human Sensor Electricity

  • Automatically switch power on and off with a human motion sensor.
  • Being non-contact, it not only saves electricity but also helps to prevent virus infection.

Smart Light for health & ecology

  • Automatically changes the color temperature according to the time of day.
  • Avoid disrupting the human biological rhythm by reducing the color temperature difference between the inside and outside of the office.
    * Disturbances in biological rhythms increase the risk of sleep disorders, obesity, diabetes, depression, and dementia.

Face & Temperature Scanner

  • As part of the new normal in the Covid era, temperature measurement at work is necessary.
  • Integrates facial recognition and temperature measurement to achieve smooth and stress-free entry.
  • Biometric authentication prevents intrusion and improves your security level.

Space Management System

  • IoT desk sensors, big data analysis, counting people in a space.
  • Allows managers to achieve optimal future facility planning using visualization reports.

APP & Voice Control

  • Control blinds, lights, and air conditioners from smartphone and tablet apps.
  • Reduce the workload of office managers.

Air Planning

  • In the Covid era, air quality control is called for. Use ventilation systems to prevent viral infection.
  • "High carbon dioxide = Stagnant dirty air"
    High carbon dioxide affects human concentration and induces virus cluster infection. Total heat exchangers separate heat and air and ventilate the office without letting out the air cooled by the air conditioner. Air conditioners do not have a ventilation function. In Japan, the installation of ventilation systems is compulsory, but in Malaysia it is not yet widespread.

Check the status of any room

  • Meeting room management system
    Confirmation / reservation is possible from a touchpad, PC or mobile phone.
  • It is also possible to link with schedules from Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace

    Click here for Microsoft 365 details
    Click here for Google Workspace details

Free address & Desk Management

  • Use space according to work style and achieve diverse communication.
  • By visualizing seat information, it becomes possible to check the location information of employees at a glance, even with a free address office.
  • It is also possible to avoid crowding thanks to keeping track of the congestion status of the floor.

Web conferencing room (Soundproof)

  • By equipping a conference room with a large screen monitor and private rooms for individuals, it can be used for different purposes.
  • We can also supply furniture with built-in microphone and power supply equipment, as needed.

At KDDI Malaysia, we can provide a complete package for office relocation and renovation!

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Smart Offices

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If you are interested in this service, please feel free to contact us at KDDI Malaysia.

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