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Relocation Opening of Office & Factory Office design and build

We offer a wide range of solutions, for opening a new office, transferring an office, to the change of layout associated with a new work style.

KDDI will serve as a one-stop shop to take on design through construction, saving you time and resources by not having to go to multiple vendors, and supporting you in smoothly migrating to a new operational environment.

Do you have these issues? We can help!

We want to transfer the office as we have more staff members

We want to change the layout and design because our work style has changed

We want to renovate the office space because the plant is getting old

Outline of office design and construction

After hearing out your current issues we will serve as a one-stop shop to offer planning, design, construction, and project management, to achieve the work-style your management requires that satisfies your employees.

In-house designers

Our in-house designers will hear your needs out and propose designs that satisfy you. By creating a 3D perspective, we strive to offer solutions that are easy to visualize.

A wide range of furniture and materials to choose from

Not needing to market our own products, we can select the best desks, chairs, meeting tables and other materials according to your budget and requests, without limiting manufacturers.

Project management

We offer stable project management for various requests ranging from just delivering one item through the transfer of an office several thousand square feet in size, to changing layouts, involving detailed task management, easy-to-follow cost management, and meticulous scheduling by identifying risks.

Service Flow

We also support the development of the office IT environment

With office and IT, we propose a healthier and more efficient environment that is pleasant to work in.

Examples of smart office solutions

Air circulation system with considerations to preventing
the spread of infectious diseases

Security system that prevents the spread of infectious diseases and offers enhanced security

Efficient meeting room management

At KDDI Malaysia, we can provide a complete package for office relocation and renovation!

Searching for properties

Office design & construction

Smart Offices

ICT solution


If you are interested in this service, please feel free to contact us at KDDI Malaysia.

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